Friday, February 28, 2014

5 Minute Friday- 2, CHOOSE

Five Minute Friday
Choose...what a gift.
Choices in every moment of every will I focus? Where will I focus?  WHO will I choose?
I choose Christ.  Not always though, when I'm cuddled in bed, it's dark, the covers are soft and warm and the air is cold and hard.  The alarm is so rude.  Those times I
choose snooze.  
"I'll have time later in the day", I think to myself as I try and pick up where I left off in my secure cocoon.  The rest of my day is jarring.  Wake up kids- I'm just as rude as the alarm tone that interrupted me earlier.  Quickly I escort the 3 year old to the bathroom when I notice that she's still dry.  Unfolding her body like a little kitten that you're trying to sit squarely on the small pink potty.  Five breakfasts...five lunches...five water bottles and five snacks.  Ten shoes and and five back packs.  Many kisses and some scoldings to GET.MOVING!!!
Last year snapshots of my lovies.
Now I choose my coffee and my bible.  Because long ago, before I was even a wisp of a thought.  Christ chose me.


  1. Love this! The choosing is really the essence of it... Yes, the mornings are hectic. I have four and now the youngest is 14. They get themselves up. They get their own breakfast. They leave when it is time. I miss those mornings spent trying to find that lost shoe... Enjoy...

  2. Great post! Finding time for Christ in this crazy world can be challenging, but so important!