Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Points of Summer

We are hitting mid-June here, which means we've been out of school for about 3 weeks. Unfortunately, someone has been sick in our home each day since! Today it is my husband's turn. This is our transitional summer. Each of my children will be starting a new school come August. I'm quite thrilled with some and quite filled with cautious optimism with the others. If you were to walk into my home right now, you'd see a piece of furniture, "the bar" pulled away from the wall and half-way into the entry-way. It has many things on top of it that I have posted to an online yard sale site. You would see a dining room with a sewing machine and a disarray of tools for such tasks as cutting and pinning and measuring. On the floor are two plastic bins filled with Granny's fabric. These are waiting to be sewn into pajama pants and skirts- because that is all I know how to make right now. There is an ironing board as well in the dining room and folded stacks of fabric on chairs. There is a china cabinet that is placed at an angle in front of a corner of the dining room and a bare wall to the right of it. I am hoping to move the china cabinet to the center of the wall- but it is ginormous and it will take ginormous strength to move it one iota. I've tried. We are doing lots of reading and movie watching right now. As one sibling after another goes through the upset stomach and headache virus. It is quite unpleasant for the sickling of the day. The remainder of the children, depending on who has been ill most recently, lethargically bid their time in front of the T.V. with a book and glassy eyes and sweaty faces. Dishes wait on the counter for the dishwasher to finish running so that it can be emptied and filled and run again. The dishwasher is certainly on it's very last leg- but this is not on my list of appliances to be replaced right now... no, the air conditioner has stolen to the front of the line with it's 23 year old leaky coils. My husband makes a daily jaunt into the attic to empty buckets so that our ceiling will not bear the brunt of the drippy mess. There are two baskets of laundry that are only visible to the Mama's Eye that await folding. You probably have similar baskets- I didn't even mean to purchase this type. But apparently NO ONE else can see it, but you. Others will sit next to it, on top of it, or avoid it all together. Maybe I should stash some individually wrapped rice crispy treats at the bottom and just start folding in front of my crowd and reveal the tasty treasure and eat it all by myself. It's a one-woman show right now with the occasional help of emptying the dishwasher. What's your secret to get family to pitch in with chores?? Please share! It's like my great hunt for anti-aging these days... We baked a cake to celebrate the first day of summer and made wishes.