Friday, December 27, 2013

Slacker Mom - hey look! a post!!!

Well, yes, I am posting!  This is for future posterity- in case my kiddos ever take to scouring the internet looking for something, some inkling of what on earth their Mama was thinking.  Linking up with Jen...

TODAY i make POSOLE!!!! 

I am armed with my Mother's Mother's recipe in a beautiful cook book that is my most favoritist gift

received ever.  And my Mom's phone number.  And my sister's.  They've made it before.  I have never made it.
Homeschool.  Wild.  Bizarre.  Shoot me.  Help me.  I'm thinking of homeschooling.  We're doing a trial right now.  What on earth am I thinking?!  I'm not happy with their school right now.  It's overly focused on digital exploration and not at all focused enough on the crystallizing of actual knowledge.  Like math facts... or sentence structure... Oh well.  So- this Christmas break we are doing a "trial".  The children were super excited.  Me?  I'm overwhelmed.  I feel like in order to effectively trial this I need a really clear agenda which I have none.  I'm basically going on what I think they are learning right now.  And this is what it looks like so far...

My Car.  Oh THAT car.  The family vehicle of 8 years.  It's a 2004 Honda Odyssey.  It has over 127,000 miles on it.  It has had 3 transmissions, one new radiator and too many batteries to remember.  The driver window does not work- it is duct taped up right now.  Classy, eh?  Nothing but the best for my chariot of fire.  And now, now it is in the shop again... getting new spark plugs.  Why not get a new car??  Because my dear ones, this clunker is PAID FOR.
White Christmas Party.  I'm surrounded by thespians.  Seriously, I married into them because I'm not dramatic at all.  Anyhow, they know each word, each pause, each song to White Christmas and so we have a party at our home to watch it together.  All 40 plus of us.  It's quite the party.  You should come.  You know you want to.  Classic.  We're keeping it classy here.
Catholic Icing.  Her advent book is the bestest ever.  I ordered it after the 2nd Sunday of Advent.  (I told you I was slacker mom) and found it to be such a wonderful security blanket to get me through my hyper charged expectations of what this season should be for my children and for me and for my husband.  She walks you through the planning stages of everything without turning you into a type A wannabe.  She also keeps your realities in check.  I love that she makes a case for slice and bake cookies and instant mashed potatoes.  Anyhow, I just really recommend this booklet for next year.
Keeping it real.  Or fake it until it's real?  That is the question.  Just a quick thought flash but I've been thinking about how Mother Theresa faced such a dark anguished filled time in her spirituality with God and yet she kept on smiling and loving her people.  In the same way, how priests may feel very lonely at times, or quite disgruntled at times when called to a 2 a.m. death bed to deliver last rites, but they go with grace and a mission.  Or how I may look at the pantry and fridge one more time... because the family must be fed and yes I just fed them 2 hours ago, but now they are looking for more substance and more sugar and they must be fed A.G.A.I.N.  Heh, heh, this is where it should say, "but she pulls it together and cooks a lovely meal for her family".  No... typically I get all frantic and moody and freaked out!  What's for dinner??  Spaghetti?  Again?  Maybe fideo?  (that is essentially Mexican spaghetti- add cumin and chili powder and beef bouillions and bam! new taste)  I am working on my response time and hoping to have this figured out earlier in the day?  week?
"La mujer cocina sopa."   - My daughter's words.  Her gentle reminder to get my rear in the kitchen and make some posole!  Off I go!
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