Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes (shocker!) a post! 2 days in a row!!!

Oh Croup.
Poor Baby Girl has got it bad.  Of course she does, school just started, right??  After cough/barking all night, she is resting in a stroller in my bedroom.  Keeping a two year old on an incline is more difficult than one might expect- so I've strapped her in and propped her feet.  Hopefully she'll get some much needed sleep.  As for me?  I should be doing the dishes and folding clothes and picking up the family room and getting rid of the crunch in our carpet.  Right!  I'll get right on it.
Adventurous reading!  Right here!  Come and GET IT!  Seriously?  This is a terrific read aloud book, or listen in the car with your kiddos book or, let them take off with it.  Ages 9+
I love the character development of the main characters, four children who find acceptance from one another when no one else understands them.  Recruited for a mysterious mission, they have there work cut out for them.
My older two children (ages 10 and 9) are AVID readers.  They devour anything and everything.  But it must be funny, must be seriously dangerous and must involve smart witty kids (like them, of course!)  They got on a Rick Riordan kick and quite frankly, I am trying to get them to kick that- I really don't need to be enveloped in Greek Mythology and young kids fighting gods at this point.  Just give me a really good old fashioned mystery that has twists and turns and clever adventurers and I'm happy.  Our family gives this one 6 thumbs up (out of 6, donchaknow)

My sister and I share this anniversary with each other.  We were driving to the airport that morning, from Cheyenne, WY to Denver, CO.  I had an 8:45 a.m. flight to catch.  We each had a cup of coffee in our hands and we were happily chattering the miles away as we wound up my visit for 6 days with her and her family.  It was time to return to Dallas.  We had just approached the airport when Gina's phone rang. 

I could hear my brother-in-law speaking very loudly and directly.  Not yelling, just ordering. 


"but we just got here, I'll turn around as soon as I drop Rita off" 


I looked at her, and said, "just drop me off, I'll get out quickly."

We drove up to get the curb-side service so that I could be on my way.  But something was off.  No one was outside.  This was Denver International and there was NO ONE to be seen, except for a handful of confused looking travelers, myself included.  We looked around, I started to go into the building, my brother-in-law is calling back, and this time he's yelling.  Finally a baggage checker comes out and says, "LEAVE AT ONCE!  THE AIRPORT IS CLOSED!  NO FLIGHTS TODAY!"

Very puzzled, slightly perturbed I get back in the car with my luggage and we drive away.  Now we turn on the radio. 

It felt like a 200 pound weight had settled on my chest.  We were listening as the second plane hit.  Openly crying, rushing back to the Air Force Base, trying to figure out if it was a safe place to be or a dangerous place to be.  Ft. Warren AFB.  Missiles and all. 

I know we all have our stories and can recall with precise memory where you were when the Towers were struck.  I especially appreciate my friend, Lauren's story.  I love her message at the end.  Go and read!
Coffee with Friends!  Everyday.
Now don't be jealous, but one of my pleasures each morning is my cup of coffee with the ones I love.  Happy.

I don't think they are getting the message.
Or maybe, they KNOW I'm here, and so, that means they are off the hook.
Or maybe I'm not getting the message.

It's so bad it's good.  I appreciate Jen's explanation on why the inclination to watch such a morally lacking show is inexplicable and undeniable and yet somehow calls me to a greater appreciation for the need to have God in my life.

And hey, yo!  It's Friday the 13th.  Lucky Day.  Have a great week y'all!

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