Thursday, September 12, 2013

5 Favorites

Linking up with Moxie Wife via Grace over at Camp Patton today!  It's a blessed miracle to even be writing.  But I just rushed my husband and three of my children out the door for school with no shortage of frustration and craziness.  So, my theme for my five favorites are taken from my morning routine.

Bodum French Press
My eyes wake up and I instantly crave that first fresh pressed smooth liquid gold.  It cranks me up and puts a spring in my steps!

I love the daily readings.  I also really enjoy the daily reflections on the readings.  They are little homilies and they give me a focus in my journaling.  

Leather journals with lined paper are my favorite.  Sometimes they are my prayers and sometimes just random things that I do not want to forget.  

Finish making lunches
I try and have most of their lunches made and waiting in the fridge- it makes packing five lunches go smoother in the morning- but I'm often adding chips and filling their water bottles.

Breakfast Smoothie!!!

Gino got me this Ninja for my birthday two years ago and I use it practically every morning.  Some frozen berries, a little greens, protein, almond milk and BAM.  Mama's ready to tackle the chore list!!
The kids like the smoothies for breakfast too- but often they go for the cereal or eggs.  My 9 year old son can make a great scrambled egg!!

Hope your mornings get off to a running start!

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