Wednesday, June 5, 2013

here we go again

I'm beginning again with blogging because it's summer and I need an out.
I have blogged before here and than over here.
But...I forgot those passwords and have irreversably changed those passwords sooooo....

Day 1 of summer and I'm going to post my

Five Favorites, hosted at
Five Favorites

5 things about my life that I LOVE.  Feels a little self-serving, but we'll look at it as a GRATITUDE list.  In no particular order, just shooting from the hip, here we go:

1  Grateful for my family
seems trite, but than again, maybe not!  All of them.  My folks, my grandparents, husband, his family, our kiddos.  Gino (hubsters) and I each come from a tribe 'a folks.  He's Irish-Italian and I'm Texan through and through.
2  These kiddos  

and these...

yep- that deserves it's own.  I'll unpack them and all their complex beautiful and twisted selves as the summer goes by.
3  Wine & Coffee
but I couldn't decide which order... since it's mid-day we'll go with vino.  :)   Is it 5 o'clock yet?

4  My Faith
It keeps me, and I keep it.

5 Friends
You know the friends that call you every day just to make sure you are doing ok?  The ones that can come over to your house "as is"  with 7 loads of laundry ready to be folded, a floor that needs to be swept from last night and dishes in the sink?  Friends that will come over at the drop of a hat to bring a glass of wine, or help with shuffling kiddos or restock your toilet paper?

Alright, time to get little miss Marianne from her crib- I hear her disgruntled complaints.

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